Liz Miele

tour dates

Feb 20 - Feb 23 Melbourne, AU
8:00pm @ Comic’s Lounge
Feb 28 Charlottesville, VA, US
8:30pm @ The Southern
Opening for Hari Kondabolu
Mar 1 Atlanta, GA, US
8:00pm @ Center Stage Theater
Opening for Hari Kondabolu
Mar 2 Athens, GA, US
8:00pm @ Forty Watt Club
Opening for Hari Kondabolu
Mar 3 Asheville, NC, US
8:00pm @ Orange Peel
Opening for Hari Kondabolu
Mar 4 NYC, US
8:00pm @ Bowery Electric
Mar 4 Brooklyn, NY, US
8:00pm @ Fawkner
Mar 9 Pelham, NY, US
9:30pm @ Rockwells
Opening for Patty Rosborough
Mar 10 - Mar 18 ?, KW
Military Tour in Kuwait
Mar 19 London, UK
6:00pm @ 2NorthDown
Mick Perrin Showcase Show
Mar 22 London, UK, US
Mar 23 London, UK
Mar 24 London, UK
Mar 27 London, UK, US
Apr 1 London, UK
8:00pm @ Good Ship Comedy
Apr 6 London, UK, US
May 9 Wilmington, DE, US
Grand Opera House
May 10 Germantown, MD, US
Blackrock Center
May 24 - May 25 Washington, DC, US
7:30pm @ DC Comedy Loft
Headlining 7:30 and 9:45 shows
Nov 9 Portland, OR, US
Dyslexic Conference

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